To say our families are supportive is an understatement. They’ve been to countless shows over the past 13 years, and they STILL laugh at our stories, some of them as old as our band is.
And sometimes – just sometimes – they get on a plane and come see us play at their favourite festivals. This summer, for the Passmores, it was the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival.
That festival draws people from all over Nova Scotia, the USA (I met people from New York, Maine, New Jersey and New Hampshire – it was wild!) and folks from Ontario. These two, Momma and Poppa P, are two such Ontario dwellers.
Ted, Sue’s dad, always represents the GLs at our shows: he wears our toque in the winter, our first ever GL button from our 2007 EP OH MY! on his jacket, and (I think) his favourite T-shirt circa 2008-09, the M*A*S*H style Good Lovelies Tee (pictured below.)
Some backstory:
Years ago, I was wearing my M*A*S*H* GL shirt out running one day in Thompson Manitoba when a lady stopped me to ask where I got the shirt. I was so humbled that she knew our band that I sheepishly admitted to being in the band, explaining that that’s how I got the shirt. She looked at me puzzled and said, “Oh, I don’t know that group, I just thought it was so clever how it was referring to ‘your Good Lovelies…’
Rarely am I speechless. I looked down at my shirt and thought, why had I never thought of that until now?
Months later at a show in Huntsville we played for a group of about 500 women, at an event called “Girls Getaway Weekend.” It was an incredible event, and show, and I recounted that story to a group of 500 inebriated women “how the shirt was referring to my Good Lovelies” and we sold out of shirts that night.
Back in Lunenburg a few weeks ago, we’re rehashing this old tale, brought on, of course, because Ted’s been wearing the shirt all weekend and getting comments from people around town. From the stage, during our Saturday main stage performance, in front of an audience of about 1000 people, we call Poppa P out to stand up and show the audience the shirt.
It’s cool that night, and Ted’s wearing a zipped up windbreaker covering the shirt, but there he is, standing up in the middle of this huge audience ready for the big reveal.
Our drummer Mark kicks in a slow and steady (dare I say sexy) drum beat and Ted begins unzipping his windbreaker slowly and finally yanks open his jacket (Superman style – his words, not mine) and shows the audience the shirt. Caroline is howling from stage “Take it off Ted!” Sue’s entire face is taken over by her smile and laugh and the audience applauds uproariously … and then we try to sing the next song.
It takes awhile, but eventually we get to the next song, but was it ever worth it for that sweet memory of Ted Passmore stealing our thunder in Nova Scotia this August.