In a fit of nostalgia, I’ve been poring over scrapbooks, emails and photo albums thinking about my formative years.  Before I was swept away to St. John’s, Newfoundland, I lived in Toronto for a decade. And before all of that I spent four glorious and life-changing years in London, Ontario. (The photo above is me posing by the Thames River, in London, ON. Bootcut jeans and puffy vests were all the rage circa 2001.)

London was the city where I lived on my own for the first time.

London was where I met some of my best friends.

Our for dinner with some of my university buddies – savouring all the free garlic bread that came with the meal because we were all broke music students.

London was where I got my music degree from The University of Western Ontario. I dusted it off this morning and noted that I graduated in June 2003 – 15 years ago. Whoa.

London was where I made my first “Open Mic” appearances at what was then called the Rose & Crown.

Chris Morano backing me up as I sang my heart out at the Rose and Crown. Chris is a kick ass musician.

London was where I picked up the guitar for the first time and started to write my own music.

London was where I got drunk too many times, shopped at Value Village full time, went to karaoke every Thursday night with a bunch of music majors who knocked the socks off the other patrons, belting and crooning beloved pop-tunes until the wee hours.

One of my best friends, is a London-dwelling local designer. You’ve probably seen her showcasing her wares at any number of markets and festivals in London. Her name is Carolyn, and the company is Me & C – and she designed our punk rock band t-shirt that we put out last winter, and that we sold out of in Australia. We made more for this tour though because they are too fun not to have on the merch table.

Sue, Caro and me donning our new Me & C t-shirts in December 2017

London was one of three towns included on our first official Good Lovelies Christmas Tour. It was at the London Music Club and there were about 20 of you in the audience and it was divine.

Then we played Home County Festival alongside our buddies Jill Barber and Les Cooper. Then we went back again a few years later and played the main stage. It poured rain, and some of you ran for cover and some of you stayed seated. You are a devoted music loving bunch of people. Thank you London.

In 2013 we were part of the brilliant Vinyl Cafe Christmas Tour that has us gracing the beautiful Centennial Hall stage. The next year we went back and played there again only this time in the basement – and 200 of you came and you made it divine.

In recent years, the Aeolian Hall has been our home base in London. Last December, you helped us sell out two nights at Christmas time. London: you love Christmas shows!

One of my earliest Good Lovelies concert memories in London is from our first Aeolian Hall show. I looked into the audience and saw my university singing teacher Alvin Reimer, my choir conductor (one of the best in the country) Jennifer Moir and the Dean of Music (another revered choral conductor) Victoria Meredith all looking up at me and I turned to Caroline and Sue and was like, uh guys, don’t screw up k? The whole faculty of music is in the front row…

The calm before the storm, night one of two at the Aeolian Hall in December 2017.

So, it’s because of those incredible back to back sellouts in December that we decided to kick of our Canadian CD Release Tour (the part that takes us from Ontario to BC) at the Aeolian Hall (aka “The Alien Hall” aka “the theatre name with almost all the vowels.”)

The show is happening May 30th, and tickets are moving fast, but we want you there too, so please get up from your seat, grab a cup of coffee and get back in your seat and click this link for tickets.

Because this is a show we’ve never done before.

Because our album Shapeshifters is unlike any others that came before it.

Because we have the privilege of showcasing two up-and-coming musicians as our opening act. They are called Moscow Apartment and big things are happening for these two young women so you must see them perform in this intimate setting before they take over the world.

And because we have Steve Zsirai (bass) and Mark Mariash (drums) as our backing band and together they are like a fire burning behind us, keeping time, keeping us on our toes, making us look good, making us sound even better. And if you saw Royal Wood’s show a couple weeks ago, you’ve already seen them in action.

Don’t miss another chance to behold their subtle power as our rhythm section.

We’ll be at the Aeolian Hall May 30th, London.

Will you?