Creating albums is no blip in the grand scheme of our lives and careers. Months, weeks, days, hours, daytimes and night-times, weekdays and weekends, holidays and hump days – it’s all consuming. Here’s the payoff though – the day we can finally share the music with the world. There is no prouder day.

Over time we shift and meander into new territory, and with this album, Shapeshifters, we literally meandered into a new province to work with producer Daniel Ledwell. Oh boy, we had a time!

Picture 70cm of snow in February 2017, followed by another 30 or 40cm a few days later. Our playing was powered by some hard-worked snow muscles for round one in the studio. Fast forward to July and we were swimming during breaks, dancing beneath the trees, sun-kissed and aired out. Many changes top to bottom, many shifts along the way.

Finishing the record this summer called for some really hard work, but there was hard laughter, too. Before we hit the studio, we passed through Halifax and enjoyed the splendour of breakfast by Rose Cousins. This was followed by 10 days working at the home of Dan and his wife Jenn Grant. These three people are fantastic musicians, have hearts of gold, are sharp as tacks, and we’re such lucky-dogs to also call them our very super friends.

It is important to me that you also get to know these amazing people.
So without further ado, welcome to our short video: Meet Our Friends: A Hodgepodge Poll