I made my first Spotify playlist!

It’s an eclectic mix of some songs from either recently or soon to be released albums that I’m very excited about, including 3 songs from our upcoming album, Shapeshifters (due out February 9th). It includes Bahamas, I’m with Her, Laila Biali, Tune-Yards and our friend Royal Wood. Some pop, some indie, some country and some folk.


I See Gold/Good Lovelies

My My My/Troy Sivan

The Hurt of Happiness/Hey Ocean!

Way With Words/Bahamas

When We Were Young/Good Lovelies

Game To Lose/I’m With Her

Fireworks/First Aid Kit

Take Me, Take Me/Good Lovelies

Heart Attack/Tune-Yards

Under the Wheels/Calexico

Got to Love/Laila Biali

California Nights/Royal Wood

I’ve been listening to more music lately than I ever have before. This is partly because over the last few months I have finally ventured into the world of music streaming (I know, you’re thinking: “what planet have you been living on?”). There is an abundance of riches there; I’m discovering so many great new artists and re-discovering the back catalogues of so many musicians that I adore. I’m also listening to a greater variety of music than I ever have! As a music listener, I LOVE it.

But let’s be honest: as an performing artist, streaming services aren’t really making us a *better* living. On the one hand, it’s great that folks are discovering our music through Pandora, Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music and showing up at our shows as a result. On the other, many of those concert goers are buying less music from the merchandise table. That’s partly why I resisted “buying into” the streaming services for so long. It’s affecting our bottom line.

Even so, I’m venturing into this new world, and facing the fact that this is not the future of music. It’s the NOW, and we’re in it.

I really enjoyed putting these songs together for you! And remember: if you really like any of these songs, consider going to a show or buying an album from the artist themselves. It goes a long way toward us being able continue to make music for you!

Caroline B.