Upcoming Shows

10 Jul 2015 Campbellford, ON, CAN Westben Arts Festival Theatre Westben Arts Festival Theatre
11 Jul 2015 Tamworth, ON, CAN Tamworth Legion - Abbott Hall Tamworth Legion - Abbott Hall
12 Jul 2015 Ingersoll, ON Canterbury Folk Festival Canterbury Folk Festival free
17 Jul 2015 London, ON, CAN Home County Festival Home County Festival
18 Jul 2015 Huntsville, ON, CAN Algonquin Theatre Algonquin Theatre Buy ticket
24 Jul 2015 Guelph, ON, CAN Hillside Festival Hillside Festival
25 Jul 2015 Guelph, ON, CAN Hillside Festival Hillside Festival
06 Aug 2015 Lakeside, OH, USA Hoover Auditorium Hoover Auditorium
22 Oct 2015 Richmond, KY, USA EKU Centre for the Arts EKU Centre for the Arts
13 Nov 2015 Carlsbad, CA, USA Schulman Auditorium Schulman Auditorium
14 Nov 2015 Pasadena, CA, USA Beckman Auditorium - Cal Tech Beckman Auditorium - Cal Tech

Past Shows

26 Jun 2015 Kirton-in-Lindsay, UK Town Hall Live Town Hall Live
25 Jun 2015 Sheffield, UK Wagon Wheel at The Greystones Wagon Wheel at The Greystones
24 Jun 2015 Barnard Castle, UK The Witham The Witham
21 Jun 2015 Karlsruhe, GER JUBEZ JUBEZ
20 Jun 2015 Würzburg, GER U&D FESTIVAL U&D FESTIVAL
19 Jun 2015 Villingen-Schwenningen, GER Scheuer Scheuer
18 Jun 2015 INGOLSTADT, GER Neue Welt Blues Festival Neue Welt Blues Festival
17 Jun 2015 Völs Blumenpark Seidemann Blumenpark Seidemann
16 Jun 2015 Kitzbühel Cafe Praxmair Cafe Praxmair
14 Jun 2015 Zwickau, GER St. Barbara St. Barbara
13 Jun 2015 Zehdenick, GER Klostergalerie Klostergalerie
12 Jun 2015 Bad Frankenhausen, GER Panorama Museum Panorama Museum
11 Jun 2015 Norderstedt, GER Music Star Music Star